Get Set for the Wet Season

This is the time of year that the PGA and Champions Tour return to California for the West Coast swing and once again, I will have the opportunity as a club-fitting specialist to build golf clubs for the best players in the world. The pros are setting up their equipment for the upcoming golf season and will have specific ideas on how each club should perform. Keep in mind the predictions for the return of El Nino and sloppy conditions.

Here are a few adjustments that I will make to the pro’s clubs per their request.

Grip change is always at the top of the list, there are many all weather grips available, some prefer a rough rubber cord style, while others will use synthetic rubber grips made from special polymers . The size of the grip may also be increased by selecting a midsize or oversized style or by adding layers of tape underneath the grip.

Frequently I will check and adjust the lie angle of their clubs according to the player’s individual specifications. Wet playing conditions may dictate that the lies be slightly more upright. This will ‘keep the toe out of the mud’.

Shaft changes occur a lot more than you may think , and not because the shaft has broken. Because of wet conditions, the ball will get less roll, so a higher ball trajectory is necessary for added distance, especially in the driver and fairway woods. There are many shafts available that will give you a higher ball flight.

Another method for higher ball trajectory is by changing to a more lofted club. During these first few months I will build many 9.5 and 10.5-degree drivers compared to the 8.5 degree drivers in play later in the season. The pros are also changing to more loft in their fairway woods, adding hybrids and pulling the 3, 4 and 5 iron out of the bag.

Take a tip from the pros. This is the time of the year for all golfers to get their equipment in shape, think like the pros and with a few changes in your set make up you will play better golf.

A Better Club Golf Club Repair and Clubfitting can do this for you.

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