Fairway Wood Designs

Lately I have been asked about the low profile or shallow face fairway wood and why they have become so popular. The answer lies in their design.

The center of gravity i.e. weight is placed low on the clubface, therefore a higher ball trajectory will result. What does this means for the golfer?

The ball even when hit thin or topped will get airborne. This is a good thing!

An airborne ball travels further and lands softer than a worm burner.

The idea of low center of gravity is not new, for years golf pros have added strips of lead tape to the bottom of their golf clubs in an effort to hit the ball higher.

This brings me to a second point. Strategically placing weight in various areas of the golf club will alter ball flight considerably. We already know that by placing weight on the bottom of a club the ball will go higher. What if weight is placed on the heel of the club? The toe will swing freely around and a draw or hook will result. The consequence of placing weight on the toe of the club will slow the toe, producing a fade or slice!

Manufactures are using many exotic metals to alter weight mass in a clubhead , the newest is tungsten, because it is a very dense and heavy material it only takes a small amount in the clubhead to significantly affect the center of gravity in a club head.

In a game in which endless gimmicks abound, old wisdom applied with new technology can make a difference

It is truly what’s inside that counts.

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Golf product consultant
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