Custom Golf Clubs

On a daily basis over the past 25+ years as a Custom Golf Club maker, I have responded to many concerns from amateur and professional golfers.

Just as my custom clubs are made to fit, the following questions are dealt with on an individual basis, golfer to golfer.

Why does the” individual” player need Custom Made Golf Clubs?

There truly is no “average or standard” when it comes to matching a golf club to an individual.
You don’t buy an expensive suit or eyeglasses without having them fitted to you?
A Club maker is a specialist whose job it is to find the right club for you. I look at many variables. The process takes time, patience and experience. If you aren’t willing to take the time to do this before you purchase then you not interested in getting the most from your game!

Aren’t Custom Built Clubs more expensive?

Actually, a set of Custom Clubs cost about same as the “off the rack” clubs. We are custom builtmanufacturer to the consumer direct.

What goes into the making of a Custom Set?

First, I take “static” measurements such as height and length of arms. I measure your hand size and the correct “lie” angle of the clubs. i.e. upright, flat or standard lie.
I will then interview you about your game, such as listening to your ideas on where you would like your game to be.

Next you will go to a hitting bay where I will analyze your swing using state of the art “launch technology”. This is where we can maximize your individual golf swing speed and angle of attack to the proper golf club head, shaft frequency and grip size.  Once we determine the correct components I will then build your set to the exact specifications.

Guaranteed to improve your ball striking and scores.