The Magic Fit Takes Time

Are properly fit clubs the total answer to better golf? No!
The combination of proper fit, practice and a repetitive swing will combine for better golf. While properly fit clubs will, to some degree, improve the game of any player, a sound, repetitive swing will enable a player to be fit to better specs than someone with an erratic swing.
Proper fitting involves many aspects that combine to produce data required to build a set of properly fit clubs.
Clubhead speed is one factor and generally there is too much emphasis placed on it.
While clubhead speed is important, how it is achieved also matters.
Do you use the large muscles of your upper torso, do you have a large or small amount of leg drive, shoulder turn, hip rotation, short, medium or long back swing? There are many items which directly affect your swing and therefore the proper fit of your clubs.
Other criteria involved are hand size, height, weight, build, physical ability, physical challenges, age, swing angle (upright, flat, or neutral), style of clubs and lofts.
Once these determinations are made, then the clubs must be built using these measurements.
I was recently asked to fit someone, and when I said it would take an hour or so to determine what was needed, the person was aghast! A “club fitter” had told the person it took only a look at five or six shots. After over 25 years and thousands of club fittings for professionals to beginners, I can tell you that the proper fit takes time.

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